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Dog in Nature

We love Dogs!! And we are very happy to welcome your dog to our property. Please read and abide by the following rules to keep everybody safe and happy.


  • Do not leave dogs unattended inside any of the lodges or cottages unless in a suitable crate.

  • Please do not allow dogs to climb up on any of the furniture.

  • When walking around the property if you see horse riders using the arena or people leading horses around please place your dog on a leash. If your dog is likely to run into paddocks and chase the horses, please keep them on leash.

  • Please pick up poo around the immediate vicinity of the Cottages/ Lodges

  • If leaving dogs unattended in the yards at the cottages, please use the clip provided to ensure the gate latch is secured. If your dog is likely to bark excessively when you leave, please take him or her with you.

  • Please note that our own dog Charlie may be wandering free around the property. The neighbour's dogs do also come for a visit once in a while.  Charlie has been known to be dog aggressive, so please be mindful and do not let your dog play with him. 

  • If your dog causes any damage to property including toileting accidents indoors please alert us right away. In most cases you will not be charged for minor damage, but should your dog cause excessive damage we will discuss compensation. If you have not notified us, the cost of replacement/ repairs will be billed to your account/ credit card after leaving.

  • You can walk your dog around our property on the walking tracks or along the rail trail in either direction from the end of the driveway. There are plenty of dog friendly places to take your dog for walks etc. see the out and about guide in your cottage booklet.

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